Thursday, 12 January 2012

NYC Individual Eyes Palette - 938 Union Square

I was lucky enough to receive this palette at the FABB NI Blogger Meet Up in November. These are a relatively new offering from NYC, however I am not sure if these are available in the UK yet (or indeed, at all) but I think they are released in Ireland for €3.99.

Although I have blue eyes, I much prefer the colours in this brown eyes palette; no one's gonna shoot you if you don't buy the one for your own specific eye colour! These are the shades I lean towards more as I, personally, think they work better for my eyes than the cooler shades offered in the blue eyes palette.

I really think quite highly of this little palette! The plastic cover and the information on the label denote where you can use the colours, for those who are unsure. I love the shades, which are a matte cream, a matte sandy brown, a shimmery chocolate brown and a slightly shimmery plum purple. The shadows are nicely pigmented, the dark brown being most and the purple least.

These shades combine to create an easy, wearable everyday eye look. I was dubious of the purple at first and thought I wouldn't really use or need it but I was mistaken; it adds lovely depth to the look. The palette also contains a primer and an illuminator which saves you carrying a primer with you, if you are that way inclined. Very handy. The primer is a nude coloured cream base, which evens out the colour of your lids and helps the shadow stay put for longer. I definitely noticed a difference when using the shadows on their own. It will still crease if you're wearing if for hours though, like me!

The illuminator is very good for the inner corners of your eye to brighten your eyes, and as a brow highlight. Another option is to use the illuminator as a base, or over the darker shadows to brighten them up and create a slightly different colour, which adds to the versatility of the set. It turns the dark brown into a pale taupe, and the purple into a shimmery lilac. The only negative about this palette would be that the cream primer and illuminator get a bit messy if using your fingers!

I would say that this is definitely a decent little travel palette to have. Very useful for handbags or even weekends away, and if it breaks or gets lost, spending around £4 on another wouldn't be the end of the world (though getting your hands on one could be another story!).


Charlotte said...

What a bargain! Love the shades in this palette and the pigmentation seems really good for the price X

Caroline said...

This seems like a good all in one palette, and the shades are really nice colours :) x

Victoria said...

this palette looks amazing! ill have to try and keep my eyes peeled :)

Sarah said...

These palettes remind me of the Wet N Wild ones for some reason, although that's no bad thing as I love them! I like that there is a wee primer in there.


Leanne Woodfull said...

Woah! How handy.. fantastic price!

Victoria said...

I’ve been very impressed with NYC products so far, especially for the price. The nail polishes in particular seem to be very good value.


Lauren said...

@Charlotte - I was surprised at the pigmentation, was much better than I had anticipated!

@Caroline - definitely is :) handy for work especially!

@Victoria - I hope your find one :)

@Sarah - I contemplated the Wet n Wild ones so much on hols but didn't bother in the end! Wish I had now as they're such convenient sizes!

@Leanne - Fantastic price is right! Worth the money :)

@Victoria - I love their polishes too :)

Strawberry Blonde said...

Lovely colours!
Nic x

a jar full of gemma said...

just came across your blog, love it, great reading xx