Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Royal Lip Brush

I have really been enjoying make up brushes recently, in case you can't tell! It is very true that the tools you use to apply make up can make all the difference to the final result, and so different brushes can help you vary application and how a product looks on you.
To be honest, on a daily basis, do I faff about with lip brushes? No. I slick lipstick on straight out of the bullet, like 99% of people do.  However now that I am learning about applying make up on others and how to achieve different looks, a lip brush is a necessity. Would you apply a lipstick not knowing whose mouth it had been on previously? Of course not! Brushes are more hygenic for your clients as they can be washed after every use.
You might not always want a thick layer of lippie, which is also when a lip brush comes in handy. You can apply a light stain or build it up to your desired intensity. They can also be used for applying gloss too, of course.
Call it redundant, but I like it when a brush states its function 'on the tin'! Makes life simpler sometimes.
I received this Royal lip brush from and I really like it. The fine, tapered tip of the brush makes applying lipstick accurately such a breeze. It applies it precisely and lightly, almost like adding a stain to your lips, but of course this can be built up too.
I used it to apply my Miners Fashion Matte Lipstick in Starlet, which as you can see, is a vivd hot pink. It gave a lovely result, bright but not too crazy looking, which this colour can sometimes be!
It also looked beautiful with a slick of gloss over the top and didn't go gloopy at all, thanks to the application. I haven't even told you the price yet - £1.99! Yep. A worthy little investment I think!


Charlotte said...

I've been on the look out for a lip brush now because I have a wonky top lip from an accident I had when I was younger :( it makes applying red lipsticks a nightmare so I think I'll give this brush a go, such a bargain! X

Sophie - Country girl said...

I can't believe it's only £1.99, madness. I've been thinking about a lip brush lately.

Sara said...

Oh that's a great price for it. Have loved following how you've been getting on at your course via twitter. Hope you're still loving it :)