Friday, 20 January 2012

Weakness for Wedges

Sarenza are offering one lucky blogger the amazing opportunity to become a Sarenza Ambassador. As a large footed lady, I often have shoe woes, and so thought this was too good an opportunity to ignore!

After much perusal of the awesome array of shoes on the Sarenza website, I was struggling to narrow it down.What should favourite shoes encapsulate? They should fit my humongous hooves, for a start. I thought about my most worn shoes. The words flat, comfortable and practical came to mind... uninspiring stuff.

I thus determined that favourite shoes are the ones I wish I could wear every day, but to do so would make them less special. They should be so captivatingly cool that to observe them for to long is to make your soul weep with longing....

They should also come in my size, lest we forget.

Enter the Gold Star Wedge

I have always lusted after Iron Fist shoes but have never tried them on, for fear that they do not fit. This would only leave me with cramp in my feet and tears in my eyes.

Do you know the woe of big feet?! Most shoes are off limits. Shops either don't stock them at all, or else they order very few which sell like hot cakes. I frequently find shops sell small fitting size 8s! Essentially, getting our hopes up, but breaking our hearts at the last minute. (The last minute usually involves an elevated pulse, a mild sweat and minor foot injuries.)

These wedges deliver - impressive and versatile. They would work wonderfully with skirts, shorts, dresses, skinny jeans, tights... They are stunning but wouldn't kill my arches like stilettos They also appease my inner
rock chick. It's not regression to my teens; it's nostalgia in the form of fantastic footwear.


Sophie - Country girl said...

ding dong wedges! What a pair.
You have size 8 feet? That must be such a nuisance.
Love your Sarenza entry. I'm still pondering whether to enter or not. On the fence.

Susan said...

I LOVE Iron First shoes, they're just so different but also stylish at the same time. So like you, pleasing the rock chick in me but OK to wear out to a 'normal' club/pub/night out too.

The wedges are just fab. Been tempted by them too, mostly for the height and pain free experience, they also don't look too 'clumpy' like I've seen some wedges.


Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

Those. Are. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

DawnieP said...

Gorgeous! Love these. I find I'm a seven but I have broad feet argh! We have all the woes!! Iron fist are amazing them and irregular choice are my favourites!!


Hazel said...

I do like Iron Fist, they're fierce. Good luck with your entry!

Anonymous said...

These are fab!
I know your pain though (literally) I have broad feet and getting nice shoes is a bugger even though I'm only a size 4 xxx

Bonnie said...

Ahhhh, those are insane balls and I dig it.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anonymous said...

they are nice :))

Jesss said...

I feel your size-8 pain!
I was torn for my Sarenza entry between these ones and the ones I went for in the end.. Love Iron Fist!


xXxStundonxXx said...

These wedges are amazing! I have the woe of a high instep. I wouldn't be able to get these on because of it :( x