Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Jemma Kidd Pro Blade Antibacterial Sharpener

I ordered this Jemma Kidd Pro Blade Antibacterial Sharpener in the Feel Unique January sale, for £6.00. To be honest, £6 is friggin' ridiculous for something you sharpen make up pencils in, but I was in desperate need of one and thought, surely a Jemma Kidd one at £6 will be the shizz?...

The fact that it has a sanitising blade was also appealing, as it would be good for using for kit pencils. It has a little stick to clean the blades with which is quite handy for getting all the soft bits of pencil sharpenings out.

Those points however, are where the positives end. This sharpener completely fails to produce a fine, sharp point on any of my pencils... surely that should be the one thing any sharpener is able to do?! No matter how much I clean this sharpener, pencils never sharpen fully. When I need a really fine point, I actually use my mum's Catrice sharpener which she got for about 3 euro!

All in all, a totally overpriced product! Save your money and try out a drugstore one first!


Anonymous said...

This looks so disappointing! Especially for the price! xx

DawnieP said...

Oh booooo hate it when this happens!! I've lost my big sharpener though!


Beauty Fiend said...

This looks pretty good would be useful for my make up classes!

Sophie - Country girl said...

oh what a useless piece of junk. I'd be so cross. It should at the very least sharpen, the clue is in the name!

Sara said...

I have a ridiculous number of sharpeners (three actually) because I keep misplacing them. I've a sephora one, a Benefit one and a random own brand one. There's so little difference in them..maybe this is an area where it's ok to save your pennies!