Wednesday, 1 February 2012

MAC 'Painterly' Paint Pot

I have read many blog posts singing the praises of MAC Paint Pots, but I never felt the need to purchase one before. While they can be used on their own, most people seem to use them as a base for eye shadow, like a primer, and I figured that I was happy enough with my ELF and Urban Decay primers.

However, since starting my make up course (change the record, Lauren!) we have used Painterly in every class as an eye shadow base, and I can now see why. They work brilliantly with all shadows and set fast.This can sometimes make blending a little difficult, but also means longer lasting eye make up.

Painterly is a pale nude shade with what MAC describe as a 'cream' finish. I would say that it dries totally matte, therefore making it perfect for whatever type of shadow you put on top. It can also of course be used on its own to even out the shade of your eyelids, and if you use a tiny bit of shadow in your socket line for definition it creates an easy everyday eye look.

These aren't exactly purse friendly (well, not to my purse anyway) at £14.50 for a 5g jar, but a little goes a very long way, as I have discovered through trial and error! This is a product that is going to be well loved by me and well used in my kit, too.

I am very pleased to have finally popped my Paint Pot cherry (try saying that five times, fast!) and will perhaps invest in more in the future! Do you use Paint Pots? Any recommendations?


Charlotte said...

I use Painterly every single day before applying eyeshadow, I absolutely love it! X

Leanne Marie said...

Painterly is my go to base for my eyeshadows. I also have 'Vintage Selection' which was from one of the collections... Really tempted to get bare study. Its a bit like painterly but has a little bit of shimmer. :-) x

Sara said...

I've heard other people rave about Painterly. I generally just use UDPP before eyeshadows - is Painterly a better base?

Rachel said...

Painterly and Bare Study are both excellent :) As are all the LE ones I have, defos worth investing when they come out!

Belle du Brighton said...

I have a LE edition paint pot, called chilled on ice, but it has fine glittery particles in it, so I rrely use it for every day looks. I tend to use birthday suit by benefit... but saying that, its running low this this could be a new alternative!