Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Night Make Up Shake Up #18

Another Sunday, another make up shake up!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 51 - I was beginning to struggle with my MAC Studio Fix Fluid last week... it has been a favourite of mine since I was 18 but I have begun to get increasingly frustrated with its oxidisation - it ends up a shade darker than I need, and seeing as I buy NC15 it's not like I can go down a shade! Also it emphasised some dry patches, but perhaps my skin is just drier than usual. I'm hoping Healthy Mix works better this week!

NYC Blushable Creme Stick Big Apple Blush - I really like cream blushes now, and am definitely going to invest in more. I recommend this one if you can find it! It's really easy to use and so natural

Lumiere Cosmetics Mineral Blush Poppy - I haven't used this in a while and it goes very well with the NYC creme blush so if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Urban Decay Naked Palette - I have severely neglected this palette of late, which is a shame. It is one of my absolute favourites; I have had it now for over nine months and most of the shadows barely have a dent in them!

Avon Arabian Glow Multistylo - This creamy bronzing stick is an amazing base for eyeshadow! It is possibly its best use!

NYC Hi Definition Mascara - This is like the mascara that never ends! However I have had it for so long now that I think this may have to be its last outing before it is formally introduced to The Bin. It's bound to be past its best!

Essence Lipstick In The Nude - I received this recently in a make up swap with Dee and I love it! I am a huge fan of nude lipsticks and this is one of the better ones I have tried. I adore the smell too!

Make Up For Ever Gloss - I got this last year the the MUFE sale but I don't think it has a shade number. In the tube it looks like a shimmery brown but when applied it's actually not far off my natural lip colour. I rarely use this and I don't know why now!

Have a fantastic week everyone! I am now finished my make up course and am officially a Make Up Artist!! Watch this space! 


Sophie - Country girl said...

I've never had much luck with cream blusher... I had to change to a couple of shades lighter foundation as I'm so pale at the moment x

Black Cat said...

Essence Lipstick In The Nude - i have this one and i adore it