Thursday, 8 March 2012

Clinique Superbalanced Foundations

For my MUA kit I am using the Clinique Superbalanced Makeup foundations; they are primarily aimed at combination skin, and so are a good all-rounder when working on people with varying skin types.

I currently have five, however these three were the first that I purchased; Alabaster, Ivory and Vanilla. I bought Alabaster and Ivory in Debenhams, and got this eyeshadow palette free. Nice touch, but I doubt I'll use it!

I am the lightest shade (but of course!) Alabaster, and sometimes a mix of it plus Ivory when the sun has added some colour to my complexion.

These liquid foundations are very runny in consistency, more so than MAC Studio Fix Fluid and Bourjois Healthy Mix (my other foundations of choice). However this means you have a bit more time to apply and blend them out. When first applied, they actually look darker than they are - I thought alabaster would be too dark for me - but they blend out slightly lighter and match perfectly. Plus, they don't oxidise and end up too dark either.

Alabaster and Ivory blended together - perfect match!
Free eyeshadow palette.

Vanilla is a few shades darker and a good match for more tanned skin. When I slap on the tan this weekend I might be a mixture of this and Ivory, because even tan can't make me this golden looking!

Vanilla blended out
I have to say, I really like these foundations! I think when my MAC SFF runs out, I will stick to these. They are light-medium coverage, and have such a natural finish. Although both claim to be oil free, and good for oily skin, I think the Clinique Superbalanced is a much better match for my skin type. I don't think its longevity is anything to write home about; it lasted me well on a night out, which is about all I can ask for! It does not contain SPF, so it is fab for photographs, but not so good if you're wearing them out and about all day.

The Superbalanced retails at £21.50, which is £2 more than MAC SFF, however I did actually buy Vanilla in the Cosmetic Company Outlet for £16.25, so I think in future I shall try to buy from there before resorting to the counters! My other gripe is the fact that they don't come with a pump! I gave myself a severe bruise on the back of my left hand one day from bashing a nearly empty bottle on it repeatedly in an attempt to get the makeup out!

I would definitely recommend these if you have combination skin and like a natural finish to your foundation. You can always get a sample to try before you buy and see what you think!


Black Cat said...

eyeshadow palette looks nice!

Eight For A Wish said...

Your skin tone seems very similar to mine, if you had to choose just one between Alabaster and Ivory, which would it be?

Devon xx

MrAJBx3 said...

These look nice but i dont think anything will take me away from Skin Base from Illamasqua

Jaimie Cooke said...

This is my favourite foundation, whenever I go back to high street foundations or anything other than this I always notice a major difference and go running back to superbalance! great post :) xx