Tuesday, 20 March 2012

DIY: Glossy Box Drawers

I saw this idea a while back, originally on JanBan's blog post, and also on Char's blog. They both made fantastic sets of drawers, and because my collection of Glossy Boxes was getting out of control (8 at that point!) I thought this would be a great way to declutter my room, but still have them for storage.

I even bought a glue gun and everything.

So basically, take the lids of 2 glossy boxes - these become the sides of the drawers. Cut off one of the long side panels of each lid. Cut all the side panels off a third lid - this will be the base.

I found this bit very difficult to do, as the card was so tough. I tried three different pairs of scissors to get a tidy edge. I finally resorted to using a razor blade, as I couldn't find a mechanical knife. I do not recommend using razor blades. Just ask my wooden floor.

Then stand the lids upright, with the panel-less edges facing you, and stick on the base. I managed to be a total dunderhead and do this bit wrong at first! I tried to stick the very edges of the base to the bottom edge of the lids... When I realised my mistake, I pulled it apart, and proceeded to stick the base on to the bottom of the narrow panels, if that makes sense?...Yeh, I know. I should have stuck them on top, so that the rough base was on the top of the bottom panels. Oh well.

After that, you basically chop the side panels off another lid and stick it on as a back (again, I stuck it on the outside, it would have looked tidier if stuck on the inside, argh!) and stick on an upturned lid as the top, which also acts as a storage tray.

Then slot in three boxes as drawers, and you're pretty much done! I chopped up some ribbon and glued on loops as handles. It still looks unfinished as I didn't have enough ribbon to disguise the rough edges. I have yet to buy some pretty tape to tidy up the edges.

As you can see, I use it for nail polish storage. It looks nicer than just having loads of boxes stacked on top of each other.

I don't find it entirely functional though, as it is very difficult to pull the drawers out. The reasons for this are twofold; (1) mine are full of nail polish and so quite heavy, (2) the ribbon loops just come off when pulled (I think that's because my glue gun is crap).

I need spilt pins or something to keep the loops in place, or something else that can actually act as a handle. Obviously, the drawers don't have a runner mechanism, so the best way to operate is to remove one at a time starting from the top!

However, my useless glue gun skills aside, this is a great storage idea and looks nice in my bedroom! A really original way to recycle all those boxes! I will know better for when I make the next one (yes, I have another 4 boxes ready to go!).


April-Lily said...

very ingenious - looks cute too! x

Black Cat said...

This is great!!

Miss LV said...

This is such a good idea and looks great too xxx


Belfast Blogger said...

Amazing! Really like this idea. you could even paint the boxes/cover them with wallpapers to match your room :) xo

Sweetaholic Rachel said...

Oooh wow these are really cute :)
Fab idea

Pretty-quirky said...

Hello! fellow Northern Irish blogger :) what a brilliant idea very creative! thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I had a wee giggle i've only been blogging a couple of weeks i cant believe the response those polka dot trousers have had!! :)x

Sophie - Country girl said...

it looks really cute even if technically not so practical. I May give this a bash my my BP boxes if I have enough.

Imogen said...

Wow that's fabulous, I'm very impressed. It looks so sweet and pretty with the little bow and black detailing and I'm sure you must be very organised now.

binA. said...

SO cute. I may try this, my boxes are getting a little out of control too :)