Friday, 2 March 2012

MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner - Snow White

I mentioned this in my latest Make Up Shake Up and promised a post about it, and here it is!

This is a white eyeliner from MUA; the range where most items are £1. I'm sure most of you are wondering why on earth I am expressing such love for a £1 white eyeliner... how very 80s! But allow me to explain...

I am currently obsessed with finding the perfect eyeshadow base for particular looks. My usual ELF and Urban Decay eye primers are being neglected while I experiment with other options. This is where the MUA white eyeliner excels!

This liner is creamy, and so easy to quickly use all over the eyelid. There is also time to blend it a bit too if you want to erase any harsh edges. The white shade provides a fantastic base for eyeshadow, especially bright colours! I pat colour all over the white base and blend out the edges, or blend in a deeper socket shade. With this white base, the colour remains bright and lasts brilliantly all day.

As I am a fool, I forgot to take a photo of the white eyeliner swatch! I was too excited to apply the colour on top and see the results. Here are two examples:

Above is Omen from the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette. The swatch on the left is with no primer or base, and on the right it is patted over the MUA white eyeliner. Check out the difference in vibrancy!

The above photo shows Sin from the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Again, with no base on the left swatch, and on top of Snow White on the right. On my lids this colour barely registers, even with Primer Potion underneath. I was immensely pleased at the effect when used on top of the MUA white eyeliner, and have used the two together several times now. Finally, the pretty pink champagne tone of Sin can be used in all its gorgeous glory!

Above is a photo of the product in use, with Omen and Half Truth used on top. This look was so colourful and I loved it. Lest I forget, Snow White of course can be used as a regular eyeliner, and in the waterline too, however be careful not to overdo it, or you might look a bit strange!

The MUA Intense Colour Eyeliners come in 8 shades and are £1 each. I already own Jet Black and Rich Brown, which are both equally great as eyeshadow bases and work well with a variety of shades. It's fun to mix them about too; Omen over Jet Black would have a different result but be fantastic for a dramatic purple smokey eye!

Heck, for £1 each I might just buy all the shades in the range!


Sophie - Country girl said...

wow, love the look you created, so much drama. I use white eyeshadow here and there to highlight, but this looks like a better option and only £1...

Confessions Of A Makeupaholic said...

Oh I have this & kind of gave up on it as an eyeliner so I must try it like this!

TheStrawberryHill said...

I never thought of using eyeliner as a complete base before but I'll definitely be trying it vibrant!

Imah Ayub ♥ said...

Wow! I seriously am regretful for not buying it :( I've already taken an order from MUA, since I'm not from Europe, it might take me a while for me to order another batch of MUA.

xXxStundonxXx said...

Love the look you created here, its beautiful.
I use this on my waterline but have never thought to use it as a base, thanks for the tip! x