Saturday, 3 March 2012

New MUA Lipsticks

Another day, another MUA item it seems! I recently picked up four MUA lipsticks, including their three newest shades, which I hope to depot in to a lipstick palette. I had never tried their lipsticks before, but for £1 each I am willing to give them a go!

These lipsticks have a lovely creamy formula, not far off that of MAC lipsticks, although not as pigmented. They are smooth and not drying on the lips. They smell nice too, quite sweet and sugary. One does have a hint of the plastic scent that you sometimes find with cheaper lipsticks, however it's not overpowering or noticable when on the lips.

I haven't tested the longevity of these yet, however if anyone is interested just let me know to do a follow-up post!

Shade 14 - Bare
Shade 2
Shade 15 - Juicy
Shade 16 - Nectar
(L-R): Shade 2, Bare, Juicy, Nectar
I wouldn't be worried about chucking these in my bag all day or for a night out. The packaging is sturdy enough, and I like that you can see the shade in the bottom of the tube too; always handy!

Have you tried the MUA lipsticks? Any shade recommendations?


Please may I? said...

Hi Hun,

Firstly a huge thank you! I am soo excited, a relaxing time is just what is needed after quite a busy and stressful time!

Secondly are theses lipsticks really only £1! What a bargain!

X x

MrAJBx3 said...

I love these so much, i bought them for my kit already :P hehe

daisychain said...

I quite fancy shade 15!

♥mldvs said...

Juicy looks stunning! xx

Sparkling Sparkle said...


girly girl said...

Thanks so much for this post, I purchased one of MUA's lipstick and did a kind of an anticipatory haul on my blog, and also used your picture -I hope you don't mind, I linked your blog and everything :) take care, girly girl