Thursday, 1 March 2012

Project Pan Empty

I finally got round to using this Tropic Body Smooth Refreshing Polish that I got in a Boudoir Prive box approximately a million years ago. (Ok, in September) This little tub did one use. I am generally a fan of fruity smelling products, but this was too overpowering for me and made me feel a bit ill! Frankly, I am more pleased about the fact that I now have an empty tub that's a good size for travel!

PS: My Make Up Artist website is now live! If you are interested pop over and have a look! - Lauren McLean Make Up


Sophie - Country girl said...

I used my tub of this about the week we got it. The refreshing scent was right up my street, funny how people's tastes differ x

Hazel said...

Good luck with your new venture... how very exciting!

MakeupbyNix said...

Like Sophie, I loved the scent! Just shows personal scents are, really. I love using up products to re-use the tubs for travel too - I thought this was just me!