Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday Night Make Up Shake Up #22

I have let laziness and a desire to use up certain items dictate this week's make up selection! Also, as I have a hen weekend this week, these products probably won't make it past Friday! I think I'm going to end up dragging my whole MUA kit with me!!

This week basically revolves around the Celebutante kit from Benefit, which I have had hanging around my collection for ages now. I want to use it up so I can move on with my life! (and clear a space in my palette collection...)

Skin79 Super+ Triple Function BB Cream - I haven't used this in a while, and it minimises the need for brushes, hence less brush washing. Win.

Benefit Benetint - The well-known cheek tint. I only have a small amount left in this mini size one, and although I prefer cream and powder blush, I might as well use this up.

Benefit Highbeam - Pearly liquid highlighter. This is a lovely product but it's hard to get to the last of it in this little tube!

Benefit Dallas - This is kind of multi-purpose, I think it can use used as a blush or a contour, and is a very flattering, matte shade.

Vivo Blush with Highlighter Duo - A very underrated blush, I think! I really like this compact; it provides a natural pink flush to the cheeks and the highlight shade is pretty on its own or swirled with the pink.

Benefit Eyeshadow Leggy and Dandy Brandy - These eyeshadows are a lovely combination. You can see how well-loved Leggy is! A gorgeous shimmery champagne pink which is a great highlight or all-over-lid colour. Dandy Brandy is a slightly shimmery brown, perfect for socket line or a smokier look. I feel a purchase of these in full size creeping up on me...

Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara - This bloody brilliant mascara is starting to dry up! *wail* I am not letting the last of this go to waste! Although it's already annoying me as I prefer wetter formula in a mascara.

Benefit Lipstick Lady's Choice and No Competition - These mini lipsticks are quite good, but I have overlooked them in the past as I just don't think they suit me that much. Lady's Choice is meant to be a nude shade, but I am too pale for it to be a nude on me! No Competition is a deep plum colour, which I just don't use that often.

Benefit Lipgloss I'm With The Band - I loooove this lipgloss! Gorgeous shade. In fact, I'll be surprised if there's much left in the mini tube!

Avon Rose Gold Lipstick Luxurious Blush - I thought I'd throw this in for good measure, as I miss it!

I hope you all have a great week! I am looking forward to a day off tomorrow - cheers, St. Patrick!


Miss LV said...

Great choices, the Celebutante kit looks fab xxx

Charlotte said...

I'm such a sucker for Benefit kits.. I seem to buy one everytime I go through duty free aha! X

Sophie - Country girl said...

I really ought to try the VIVO blush, I've heard such great things about it.

Victoria said...

great picks!

Sara said...

that blusher looks gorge! Is it the brand you get in Tesco?