Thursday, 10 May 2012

Skin Care with the Rio Sonicleanse #1

My boyfriend got me a very generous Amazon gift voucher for my birthday last month. At first, I had no idea what I would spend it on, then while browsing the website and thinking "What would I like that I probably wouldn't have bought for myself?"... well, a Clarisonic Mia immediately popped in to my head. However, as much as I wanted to try one, I did not want to spend over £100 on a gadget that might not work well for me. Then I recalled seeing a few bloggers and YouTubers talking about the Rio Sonicleanse, which is a very similar product.

The Sonicleanse is currently a reasonable £49.99, with free delivery from Amazon. I paid slightly less as it was priced at £48.92 when I bought it! A rather random price, but hardly any less at all, I still would have bought it at the full cost. You can also buy this from the Rio Beauty website. Read on to see the basics about the product and my initial thoughts....

The Basics:

The Sonicleanse is a cleansing brush tool for your face, which pulsates at a rate of 10,000 times a minute. It gently cleanses and exfoliates at the same time, removing dead and flaking skin cells, plus removing dirt and oil that are trapped in your pores, to leave your skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean.

The brush is supposed to be gentle enough for daily use, and should help to minimise pores, oiliness and dry patches as well as blemishes. This sounded perfect for me; I would consider myself to have combination skin, as I get oily areas, plus dry patches and occasional blemishes. My skin is also quite sensitive and would flare up when I use products that are too harsh or astringent, or just something that my weird skin decides not to like!

So with the Sonicleanse you get...
- Charging base
- Power adapter
- Sonicleanse unit
- 2 brush heads

The Sonicleanse can sit in the base when not in use, if you prefer to store it that way, and when you need to charge it, the adapter plugs in to the back of the base; easy. A slight downside is that before using the cleanser, it has be charged for 24 hours, which I thought was rather excessive!

The two brush heads you receive are the same. They have firm but gentle bristles. I say this as at first they felt so firm that I was worried my sensitive skin would be irritated by using it, but thankfully this is not the case.

The unit fits comfortably in your hand when using it. The white casing with turquoise rubber grips at the side is practical and also looks sleek, clean and professional, in my opinion. The brush heads snap on for use and can be removed fairly easily afterwards. (I say fairly easily, because if your hands or the unit are wet after use, it can be hard to grip the brush head to remove it!)

Press the power button once, and the Sonicleanse beeps, turns on and the light turns red. The brush starts to pulse/vibrate.

Press the button again, and the light turns green, and the brush pulses at a different rate. I will have to check my instruction leaflet to clarify which setting is low, and which is high, as every other review I have watched or read states something different! I was under the impression that red was low and green was high, but this could be wrong; I'll get back to you on this.

The unit beeps every 20 seconds, and pulses for a minute in total. The purpose of the beeps after 20 seconds are to tell you to move on to a different area of your face, therefore you clean your face in three different 'sections': (1) forehead; (2) right cheek plus right side of nose and chin; (3) left cheek plus left side of nose and chin. After a minute, the unit switches off automatically and you're done!

My First Impressions:

I started using the Sonicleanse on Tuesday 24th April, so I have been using it for just over two weeks now. I was initially dubious, because I had been using the Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool, which rotates/spins vigorously. In comparison to that, the pulsing motion of the Sonicleanse felt very different, and I wondered how it could be more effective. The vibrating brush was very odd sensation but after several uses I was used to it!

I use this once a day, in the evening after removing my make up. I usually use it on the green setting, however I have used the red one a few times. I use it with my Murad Anti Aging Time Release Blemish Cleanser. After several uses, I thought that my skin was slightly softer than usual, plus more even in tone, though it wasn't too bad to begin with.

After about 5 days of use I woke up one morning with several spots; some on my forehead and one bad boy on my nose! I usually only get hormonal spots on my chin area, so I knew these must be caused by 'purging', i.e., the Sonicleanse removing more dirt and oil than my skin is used to. I won't lie, I did get rather angry at first, especially when I got a particularly sore spot above my top lip! However, I soon told myself to wise up, as some people have to deal with much worse on a daily basis, and with any luck my spots were only temporary. A week after they first appeared, and they are gone, with just red marks where they had been. One or two other random spots have popped up since but disappeared again very quickly.

So far, my impressions of the Sonicleanse are brilliant. I think my skin is already looking fresher and brighter, and hopefully the last of the redness from the spots will fade soon. The battery is still going strong after 15 uses, and I find it very quick and easy to use. My skin seems to absorb moisturiser better now too.

Even though I bought this on Amazon, you can register your product on the Rio Beauty website so that you benefit from the two year warranty! If anyone would like any further updates on how the Sonicleanse is working for me, do let me know in the comments. So far I am falling in love with it, and if it is something you are interested in trying, I would love to help out by sharing my future thoughts and findings about the Sonicleanse!


Secret Blogger said...

I'm pleased to read this, I'm debating getting one of these.

I'd be really interested in updates. I think its about a month you need to see the true effect of skin care regimes.


Heather said...

Thanks for such a brilliant and thorough review! I actually told my boyfriend last night that I wanted him to get me this for my birthday next month :D great minds ;) but yeah I don't want to splash out on the Mia and I'm so glad that this is cheaper and seems to do exactly the same thing! not looking forward to the purging stage but as long as it's good for my skin in the long run then I'll deal with it! thanks again :) xxxx

Sara said...

Great review Lauren. I still haven't made my mind up
About these motorised face brushes, but I think I'm more likely to buy the rio than the other one at twice the price.

DawnieP said...

Really good review I'm like Sara in that I haven't made up my mind about them and I worry about the long term effects on skin elasticity with an intense pulse or movement. I'd def like to check one out I don't blame you not going for the Mia the rio looks a much better price and very similar :)

xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

Hi, am a new follower - found you through School Gate Style today.

Really like your review. I've heard a lot about the Clarisonic gismo but must admit I haven't been tempted to try as I am not plagued with spots and don't want to aggravate my skin further. Happy to go through a bumper crop of them, though, if my skin reaps rewards in the end so keep us posted!

Nicki x

Hazel said...

I was considering the Clarisonic only a few days ago... I'm very interested to hear how you get on with this.