Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday Night Make Up Shake Up #38

Look at me, posting this at a decent hour on a Sunday! *pats self on back* Thankfully I have had a relaxing weekend with no plans or activities on, which was much needed! Let's get on with this week's selection...

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer - I don't usually like silicone based primers on a daily basis, but my skin isn't in great shape at the minute so I thought this might be necessary!

NYC All Day Long Foundation Classic Biege* - This is a great match colour wise for me, even when I am my usual pale self! However it doesn't last very long on my oily areas (forehead, nose, chin) so I am hoping the primer will help with that too. Otherwise this is a lovely foundation, with decent coverage and a bargain at less than £4.

Sleek Blush By 3 Palette Pink Spirit - I haven't used this yet but am excited to! Three beautiful shades of pink. I would have loved a shimmery shade in among the three but oh well, you can't have everything!

Benefit PosieTint - This should make a nice base for the pinks in the Sleek palette.

NYX Powder Blush Stone - In case I fancy a bit of contouring.

Inglot 10 Pan Palette - I am using this AGAIN this week because, quite frankly, I love it. And I want to. So there.

No.7 Extreme Length Mascara - This is coming up to its best-before time so I am just trying to get a few more uses out of it.

Sunkissed Mascara - This is a wee cheapie that came in a gift set so I wouldn't imagine it to be great, but the wand is very small so I will use this as 'bottom lash' mascara!

NYC Liquid Eyeliner* - I love this so much and am finding myself using it almost daily now!

L'Oréal Infallible Lipstick Perpetual Peach - A lipstick I picked up the in USA and rarely use, whoops!

Maybelline Lip Polish Baby Mauve - This was part of a present from my dad and step-mum, and I am pretty sure my step-mum picked it up in the USA too as I have never seen them here! A really natural gloss with a hint of mauve.

That is it for this week! Will you be shaking up your make up? I see that Emma of Fluff And Fripperies is too!

Also, I have noticed that I have gained some new followers - hello! It's great to have you here! My follower count is reaching a very exciting number... I can't wait til it does, as I have a wee surprise ready... It begins with a 'G'..... and ends in 'iveaway'!
*PR Sample


themaryfairy said...

That blush palette looks beautiful! Good on ya for posting on time :P haha I've been trying to post on time too hehe. xxx

MissGreenEyes said...

That liner is BRILLIANT, I only discovered it recently and it's already become one of my favourites! The Sleek & Inglot palettes are gorgeous.

Nina said...

awwwww lauren i love this post :) i get really excited waiting for you to post this one in particular i was thinking of doing something like this too as it makes you use the products "you forget about" in a way its a great idea :)

Sophie - Country girl said...

Those sleek blushes do look amazing, I've been meaning to try a new blush for ages...

fluff and fripperies said...

Fab post lady - and thanks for the shout out! xo