Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sunday Night Make Up Shake Up #41

I do apologise for the shocking tardiness of this post! After a weekend of cleaning like a maniac for my mum returning from holidays, and a baby shower for my first ever friend (hi, Lisa!) I just had had zero time to sit down with my laptop!

Technic 'Prime It' Illuminating Face Primer - This doesn't do much as an all-over primer for me, in that it doesn't help keep my make up in place for longer or anything like that. It is good for adding glow and luminosity on the cheeks though so I just use it there at the minute or mix it with my foundation for lots of glow!

Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 - I have been neglecting old faithful Healthy Mix lately - I must step away from the NYC All Day Long foundation for a change!!

NYC Blushable Creme Stick Big Apple Blush* - I will never step away from this for too long though, sorry! A fantastic creme blush that I wish I could find more of in NI!

17 Powder Blush First Kiss - This blush has been compared to NARS Orgasm blush on other blogs and I have to say it looks very similar. It is slightly similar also to the Sleek Rose Gold blush, but this is more on the pink side of the spectrum!

E.L.F. Eyelid Primers Natural, Champagne - As much as I love faffing about with eyeshadow and blending and all that, in the morning before work, it is really neither practical nor necessary as I end up wasting so much time. I have had these primers for ages so will try them out for a quick eyelid touch up in the mornings instead of the usual nonsense!

Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara** - I really like this little travel sized mascara, it holds a curl really well, which is a feat with my wee stumpy lashes!

You may have noticed a complete lack of lip products - the truth is, despite all my good intentions about using up products etc, I rarely use lip products during the day, except for Blisteze, and so I have decided to face facts and not include them unless I really think I will use them!

Have a great week everyone!
*PR Sample
**Received in goody bag from 
Urban Decay Masterclass. I 
paid to attend the event and all 
attendees received goody bags.


Catherine. said...

I keep meaning to repurchase Bourjois Healthy Mix, I love it! It is sooo similar to Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, yet like a 6th of the price! x

Paperbacks and Postcards said...

I really need to rebuy Healthy Mix as it's my favourite foundation, I'm trying to get through all my other foundations at the momento! x

Secret Blogger said...

I really fancied those ELF primers. I just have so many shadows and stuff to use up first.


Sophie - Country girl said...

I really don't wear that much lippie either, it's because I'm so forgetful!

Hazel said...

I've taken your lead and decided to do a make up, shake up this week but I'm doing it the other way around so I can talk about the products - half of them I haven't used for a while and I genuinely can't remember if I like them or not!
I have included a lippy but like you I rarely wear them during the week... and not much at weekend either!