Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mission Preparation Holiday Feet!

In a week's time I shall be in sunny Spain; sunbathing, drinking cocktails and swanning around in flip-flops and sandals! I probably don't need to state how excited I am, but I will anyway... I cannot wait!! It is my first all-inclusive holiday too, which will be a learning curve, I dare say!

Of course I have been engaging in the usual sorts of holiday preparation; partaking in exercise to lose a stone (stone's still there), writing (lengthy) lists of essentials, and buying new holiday clothes (approximately 75% of which probably won't get worn).

However I was lucky enough to receive this fantastic wee piece of technology, which has been really helpful in getting my feet ready for being on display in holiday sandals! Surely I am not the only person who notices other people's feet when they're dangling off the end of a sun lounger... I can't help but notice how bad condition some are! The stuff of nightmares! With that in mind, my feet are getting some extra attention...

The Emjoi Micro-Pedi* is basically a great tool for treating yourself to a home pedicure. It removes hard, dry and rough skin really easily and effectively. I know that feet aren't a topic most people like to discuss or read about, but we all have feet and they need taken care of, too! I won't frighten you with any foot photos, don't worry!

I've been using the handheld device after the shower on the areas of my feet that are most prone to hard skin, which for me is the heel and ball of the foot, which are subjected to the most pressure when walking (especially in heels!). I am of a ticklish disposition, and while it is a slightly tickly sensation, it isn't unbearable.

The Micro Pedi takes 2 AA batteries, and then you just switch it on and that's it! This works really fast to remove dry or hard skin and leaves feet looking and feeling so much better! The results are obvious straight away. Immediately afterwards I use a foot cream to moisturise my feet and it really does feel brilliant to have treated my feet, as odd as that sounds!

There is an extra roller included too, for when you need a less coarse pedi, and it is so simple to change the rollers. There is also a little brush for cleaning afterwards (it can be messy, bear in mind!) and a cover for the roller part to keep it protected. If you were going on a long holiday you could easily take this with you to maintain your fabulous feet! You can buy the Micro-Pedi in Boots, where it is currently £39.99, or directly from It isn't the cheapest foot gadget, but if you are wary of having someone else give you a pedicure, or just prefer DIY home pampering, you will save a lot of money in the long run!

Now al I need is to paint my toenails neon pink and I am flip-flop ready...
*PR Sample


Sara said...

Oh I've always wanted to try one of these. I love pedicures - all except when they start scrubbing at my feet, because I'm also really ticklish.

This looks proper funky.
S xx

Leanne Marie said...

I really want to try/ Need this! I've heard such good things about it. I suffer quite badly with my feet so I think this would be a godsend!

Leanne @ xx

Sophie - Country girl said...

Firstly, so grateful you didn't post feet pictures, they really scare me! Secondly, this sounds like what my feel rather need. I can only imagine the mess once I have sanded them :O.

Victoria said...

this sounds like such a fantastic product! buffing feet with those stone things is just tedious ha!

LoubouLush said...

Sounds like a nifty little gadget. Have a fabulous holiday! I'd give anything for a bit of sun. Well everything but the cost of flights, accommodation etc obv ;)

Tamira Nitterhouse said...

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