Thursday, 8 November 2012

Oily Skin Hero! Etat Pur Express Purifying Mask

Hello! Long time no see! Life has been pretty crazy lately, as I have moved in to my own house and free time has been scarce, but I have been inspired this evening to blog about this product!

I received this in a Joliebox, and considering I cancelled my Joliebox subscription some time ago, I'm not sure what month's box it was in! I left it hanging around for ages in my 'To Review' box before I started to use it, as face masks hadn't really been a big part of my skin care routine.

My skin is quite combination but is mainly on the oily side, so anything that will help control excess oiliness is most welcome. For me, this mask has been a brilliant addition to my routine. I try and use this at least once a week, however this can slip if I'm being a bit lazy!

This white clay based mask comes out as a thick white cream with a slightly watery consistency (probably because the main ingredient is water!). There is a slightly earthy smell from the clay, however nothing overpowering or offensive. I smooth this over my face, mainly over my t-zone and any blemishes I have, as my cheeks don't tend to get oily or especially blemish prone.

After five minutes the mask has dried slightly but not set. Upon washing it off, my skin feels smooth and much more clean and fresh; basically as though some oiliness has been absorbed, funnily enough! I am definitely a face mask convert, and will be continuing to use this one regularly.

This sample from the Joliebox is actually a full size product of 50ml, which retails on the Etat Pur website for a reasonable £7.50. I still have loads left and I imagine, when I eventually run out, that I would happily repurchase this mask. I am very glad I have this little skin saviour in my stash!

Have you tried this too? What other face masks would you recommend?

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