Saturday, 16 March 2013

Hello! But ByeBye Google Reader...

Hello, strangers! I see there are almost 500 of you now, WHUT?!

Thank you all so much for following, I am stunned! It has been brought to my attention, and probably yours too, that Google Reader will soon be no more! Sacrilege.  However, you can follow my blog via both Bloglovin and Hello Cotton, links are in the sidebar! Just click whichever you like best... ------------>

I have been somewhat absent as of late, and for that I can only offer my apologies and thank everyone who still reads what sporadic posts I have managed. Life has done more than 'got in the way' lately. Some serious shizzle has went down since December. My grandfather was very ill all throughout December and January, which was a very stressful time for my whole family. Christmas and New Year were pretty much non-events for us. Hogmanay with him in hospital was not a night for celebrating.

My contract at work ended on Friday 25th January, which I was sad about as I had enjoyed my time in that job. Then on Saturday 26th January, my wonderful grandfather lost his battle with life and passed away. I have still not completely came to terms with this - even typing this now is making me very upset. However I know he is at peace now and no longer suffering.

Since then I have had little to no motivation to blog. I don't know why; I have really enjoyed making videos for my YouTube channel, and can completely get lost in the creation and editing of them. However the passion had really left me for posting on here... I have shared a lot on this blog and I suppose I didn't feel ready to share more just yet, no matter what the content matter. I couldn't even bring myself to read my favourite blogs which is crazy! I think I have just enjoyed more escapism through videos.

Other than that I have just been muddling on with life, doing some temporary work and enjoying my house and own space. Last week I was offered a new job. A proper, grown up job with a very decent wage (about time!) and a view to becoming permanent. So it is all exciting and terrifying at the same time right now. However it will mean working 9 - 5.30 with an 80 mile round commute every day (40 miles to work and 40 home again!) so once I get used to my new hours I suppose I will just see how blogging and filming will fit in, really.

I truly thank all for you for reading/following/stopping by when you do. It humbles me no end.

I hope to be blogging regularly again soon.

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S.Lennyn82 said...

Great blog lovely. Following you on GFC & Bloglovin' xx