Sunday, 17 March 2013

Review: Mobile Fun Smart Stand Case

I recently contacted by Mobile Fun and asked if I would like to review a case for my mobile phone. I thought, 'Why not?' as almost everyone I know uses a mobile phone case and would consider them a necessity for protecting one of their most expensive possessions!

I use my mobile - Samsung Galaxy S2 - all the time, basically. It is like another limb and I feel totally lost without it! That is tragic to admit but I think a lot of people are the same. I have it with me all the time and am constantly browsing the internet, using apps or watching YouTube videos. My previous phone case was a few pounds from eBay, and had a little bit that I unclipped to create a stand. This however had broken, and was totally useless!

After browsing the many accessories on the site, I liked the look of the SD Smart Stand Caseas it looked simple but sturdy, plus had an in built stand which is great when watching videos.

The case is made from a tough, rubberised material but is still lightweight and not too bulky. The stand feature is great - you simply pull the section at the back and it bends/folds down, and voilà  Your mobile can now stand on its own.

This is the main feature that makes this case great for me - I watch YouTube videos on my phone quite often, usually daily! With this case I can just flick open the stand, stick on a video and watch it while I do the dishes/cleanse my face/clean my teeth/apply make up... that's how useful it is for me! Brilliant. You can also stand it upright for easy web browsing too.

There are a few negatives for me, however. Due to the stand section on the back, the phone cannot lie completely flat on a surface. For example, in work of I have my phone lying on the desk and am trying to sneakily type a message without picking it up, it wibble-wobbles all from side to side as I type! Easier to just pick it up. Also, the volume and on/off buttons are covered up which can be very irritating; regular changing of volume and locking the screen by accident. I have even managed to take screenshots without meaning to!

Apart from that though my phone has survived several falls in this and is still intact and functional! The stand feature of this case is invaluable to me and if this one were to break, I would definitely get another one. At £9.95 it is a reasonably priced, durable case for my third arm!! Mobile Fun have a huge range of accessories for a variety of brands so there is something for every phone!

*PR Sample provided for review



Hi That really looks a sturdy little stand...does it come in different colours? xxxx

Caroline McMenamin said...

gawd thats so practical, i want one lol x