Sunday, 31 August 2014

120 Days to Thailand

So on Friday I had posted an introductory post to my 120 Days to Thailand 'challenge', and now it seems to have vanished?! Rage! Now I am going to have to type a whole new post about it! I will keep it brief for now but update it soon.

Here are the main points of the plan:

A no brainer! I will try to focus on high protein, healthy fats and small portions of healthy carbs.

I will have a cheat meal once a week, so that I don't feel too restricted. However I also must not let the cheat meal become a cheat day!

I am hoping to drink at least 3 litres a day. Water is important for flushing out toxins, and keeping metabolism active.

I am currently training at a crossfit gym three times a week. I aim to increase this to 4 times a week when I'm stronger.

This includes any holiday related organising and preparation, such as writing lists, packing, applying for a new Passport, travel insurance, etc.

If you have any hints or tips that would be useful to my plan, please let me know!

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