Sunday, 31 August 2014

Day 1: #120toThailand

So, Day 1 started well. Here is a quick run down of what was happening:

I had a nice long lie in and had brunch around 12.30. I had 3 eggs, scrambled, with about a handful of chopped mushrooms and 2 handfuls of kale, and one toasted sandwich skinny with some real butter. And don't forget some ketchup! I've been reading books on nutrition lately and apparently real butter is much better for you than the processed butter-like spreads and margarine so that's basically all I buy now! Yes it is a fat but it is a totally natural, chemical free fat.

I had a small afternoon snack of grapes and nuts when I felt a bit peckish. Nuts are also a good fat but still best not to have too many. I use almonds as they're tasty and Brazil nuts as they contain selenium, which is apparently good for thyroid function.

Last night's dinner was my cheat meal... I know, hardly seems right to start my 120 days with a cheat meal! However we had been invited to a friend's house for dinner (BBQ pulled pork) and drinks so it was pretty unavoidable; that's life. I don't want to be the one turning down social stuff with friends, or turning up with chicken and veg in a lunch box, y'know? It won't kill me.

Only managed about 2 litres, oops! Should have stepped it up, especially as I was drinking alcohol last night.

I go to the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays  and Fridays at present so no workout on Saturdays, apart from some housework! The gym on Friday night was interesting as it wasn't our usual type of workout; after the warm up we worked on two specific lifts to find out our 3 rep max. I managed 72.5kg deadlift and 37.5kg bench press, and was very pleased with both of those. At some point down the line we will be testing these again to see how our strength has improved so I'm hoping it's before the end of this challenge!

I've actually done ok so far with this! On Friday I went to the Doctor to enquire about my vaccinations, so I now have an appointment to see the nurse about those. I also asked if I could get an epipen as I have a serious fish allergy which, while easy to avoid in every day life, could be troublesome in Thailand. You never know. Food could be stored next to fish or cooked in a pan that fish has been in, fish sauce could be used etc, so better safe than sorry. The nurse will also be showing me how to use this at my appointment.

So far so good, I think! I've been feeling positive about things after Friday night's workout and looking forward to some GAINS.

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