Sunday, 31 August 2014

Day 2: #120toThailand

It's never easy to eat healthily with a hangover, I find, but I think I have done ok, all things considered! Here's today's update:

After a much needed, wine induced lie in, I managed to drag myself out of bed and started the day with a cup of tea and a toasted sandwich skinny with butter and Heinz Five Beanz. My boyfriend kindly made us a late lunch cure of a bap with bacon medallions, pork sausage and a fried egg, I also had two home-grown tomatoes from our tomato plants! Not exactly a salad but apart from the bread it is high protein. I also had some grapes afterwards. In the evening I made homemade chicken and vegetable soup and had a bowl; sometimes you just can't beat good old homemade soup! Not too bad all round, plus a chocolate chip bun that my little sister made! Though I am not counting calories, for curiosity's sake I estimated everything to total around 1600 calories, which I am pleased with.

3 litres today, done!

No workouts today and no cheat meal... also no further preparations for holidays done yet! So that's all for today, please excuse me while I fully recover! Back to work and the gym tomorrow...

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