Monday, 8 September 2014

Day 10: #120toThailand

I'm managing to climb back on to the bandwagon, slowly but surely!

I brought two egg muffins to work and had those with some salami, really easy breakfast that I'll be making more often! Ten o'clock tea break was my usual serving of nuts plus some grapes. Lunch was soup followed by sugar free jelly. Dinner this evening was more soup, some smoked applewood cheese on toast, and homemade coleslaw from my mum. Easy meals but satisfying.

I managed about 3.5 litres today but I feel like I could have managed more. Will see how I do tomorrow.

Back to the gym today, always a shock to the system after a weekend of rest. During the front squats the coach saw what I was lifting and shouted "Lauren, more weight!" which is both terrifying and encouraging at the same time; I need to have more faith in my squats, obviously! The workout was tough, especially doing deadlifts and burpees immediately after the running. However I was lifting heavier deadlifts than usual for the workout and I also feel that my knees to chests are improving, I am much more stable and less wobbly now. It's always good to notice even small changes.

I got my Passport application sent off! WOOHOO. Now let's please all cross our fingers and toes and hope it arrives in time!! I also had an appointment with the nurse to sort out what vaccinations I will need, so I have those ordered and booked in for October time. Can't wait,,,, *AHEM*

Days 8 & 9: #120toThailand

Well what can I say... it was the weekend and I am but human.... I think my indiscretions were sliiiightly evened out by my good food?!

Saturday started well with a bowl of porridge with raspberries and peanut butter, YUM. Also some egg muffins I quickly whipped up - diced red pepper, scallions and egg with some cheese on top, baked for 20 minutes. I made four altogether and had the other two in the afternoon as a snack. Dinner was homemade pizza, as my boyfriend was getting a takeaway so I thought homemade was preferable! The crust was a simple dough of greek yoghurt and self-raising flour, and I used light mozarella, feta cheese, salami and spinach on top. Sadly there is just no getting away from how awful flour is. Oh dear. I also had a bar of Oreo chocolate after when the pizza baby had calmed down.

On Sunday I also got off to a good start of egg muffins with spinach, salami and some olive oil and balsamic dressing. However, we were watching the All Ireland Final and I am sad to say I gave in to temptation of a bag of McCoys and a Rocky biscuit. Dinner was homemade chicken and vegetable soup.

I think I managed about 3 litres each day, which was a good effort for me at home all day. I don't know why I struggle so much at the weekend!

I got my passport photos printed out for my application, gathered up all the necessary documents, and got my mum's neighbour to sign the photos for me. Pretty good going there!

I won't let a few bad food choices knock me back to much, everything in moderation!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Day 7: #120toThailand

One week in already! That means it's now only 113 days until our holiday... not really that long but it still feels like forever away!

I actually had time for breakfast at home this morning so I had porridge with some sweetener, semi-skimmed milk, frozen raspberries and peanut butter. Amazing. Tea break was nuts as usual, with black coffee. For lunch I had leftover BBQ chicken and green beans, with the leftover olives and stuffed peppers from yesterday, followed by some sugar free jelly. For afternoon tea break I had brought my usual granny smith apple but it was the most sour apple ever, I could barely manage half! Dinner this evening was something quick after the gym; stir fried courgette and yellow pepper with scrambled eggs (2 whole eggs & 1 white) and a slice of toast. The only 'treat' type things today were 2 liquorice allsorts and some marshmallow fluff as dessert!

This could have been better today but I think I managed about 3.5 litres.

Tonight's workout was more 3 rep max testing. We did push press and squats, two of my least favourite lifts! I managed a 3 rep max of 30kg push press (32.5kg 1rm) and - through a technical error on my part! - 61.25kg squat. I was really pleased with the squat as I really didn't think I'd get much above 50kg, woohoo! Gonna be sore all weekend now!!

Now time to chill out this weekend! I hope it's a good one for you too!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Day 6: #120toThailand

Almost a week in to my challenge! The headache that I got yesterday is STILL with me :( I don't know what could be causing it, maybe I don't get enough sleep. I am also very groggy and tired today which is usually caused by my hypothyroidism, but I've been doing well with this recently so not sure why the tiredness has returned.

Another breakfast of greek yoghurt with strawberries and honey. I had to admit though that the texture of the Fage 0% yoghurt is getting to me though, beginning to make me gag. It's so high in protein though! Tea break was just hot water and lemon as I forgot my nuts today. I had prepared a salad of mixed leaves, some yellow pepper, home grown tomatoes, quinoa and a sachet of tuna with lime and black pepper dressing. I then was in M&S at lunch and got some olives and cream cheese stuffed peppers to go with it. I had about half the olives and 3 peppers. It was a tasty and filling salad so will definitely have it again. For afternoon tea break I had a pear which wad a bit of a let down for an M&S pear! Dinner was shredded chicken breast with bbq sauce served with green beans and a baked sweet potato. I also had had moment of madness and ate a nougat bar... I DON'T EVEN LIKE NOUGAT. The madness ends now!!

I managed about 3.5 litres again, so all is good on the water front.
No workout on Thursday, and I was so tired that was probably for the best. Beginning to think my thyroid is playing up again, judging by how tired and groggy I've been feeling. I hope not though, I had thought my medication was finally at a good level for me!

Day 5: #120toThailand

What can I say about day 5.... It started well but things declined in the afternoon when I developed a headache that got worse as the day went on. My head still hurts today in fact; not nice.

I got off to a good start of greek yoghurt with strawberries and a drizzle of honey for breakfast. Nuts at tea break and leftover slow cooker curry for lunch. I also got a small bag of M&S mini pretzels as I wanted some more carbs before the gym. After lunch I became seriously tired, I had a mild headache, kept yawning and my eyes were rolling in my head - I could have happily slept under my desk right there and then. For afternoon tea break I had an apple with about a tablespoon of peanut butter. My fatigue didn't really lift and by the time I got home from work and was going to the gym my head was really sore. I had failed to prepare dinner in advance and I felt so crap after my workout that cooking was just not on the agenda...

... yes. Another one :( I had mentally told myself I'd keep the cheats to Saturdays but my boyfriend decided he was getting a chippy for dinner and so I just got a chicken fillet burger for the sheer fact that it was handy. Oops. As crap as I felt though, I was also absolutely starving after the gym and so I also had some popcorn to help fill the growling void that was my stomach. So sadly the food for the day wasn't great.

I think I managed between 3.5 and 4 litres woohoo!

This workout started out tough with the barbell ground to squat move, ouch. Then it was deceptively ok for the main workout.... THEN we found out about runs and burpess! I was not a happy bunny. I was a very tired and sweaty one though.

So a bit of a stumbling block for day 5 really. But back up and at 'em for day 6!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Day 4: #120toThailand

Day 4 already, almost a week in to this "challenge"! Here's the deets:

Another quick desk breakfast this morning of almonds and Brazil nuts with a cuppa, followed by grapes at tea break. I had actually been surprisingly productive last night and, while preparing food for the slow cooker, cooked up some quinoa for today's lunch. I've not really liked quinoa when I've tried it previously but this time I made it using a vegetable stock cube which definitely improved the taste for me. I mixed in a packet of tuna with lime and black pepper dressing for an easy lunch. Next time I'll probably add some chopped veg as well to make it more like a salad. I also had some sugar free jelly which helps curb sweet cravings, and is only 9 calories per portion. Afternoon tea break was an apple and a small chocolate bun that a co-worker persuaded me with after showing me it was only 75 calories! Dinner tonight was slow cooker curry, with chicken and sweet potato, and a very small portion of rice for me! I might have some greek yoghurt with strawberries and honey to round off today if I feel peckish before bed. A good variety, I think!

I managed 3.5 litres by 5.30pm which was great going! I think the dressing on the tuna made me thirstier than usual today. I'll have passed 4 litres before bed; I always find it harder to keep drinking it once I get home for some reason.

I tidied myself up and took a photo for my new passport, that must count for something!

No workout today, rest day for me! Had a busy evening after work so I'm glad to be chilling out now!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Day 3: #120toThailand

I was back to work today which always makes for a much more structured day, food and drink wise especially...

I am not a morning person, by which I mean that instead of getting up and getting ready and having a leisurely breakfast, I'd rather stay in my bed until the last possible second and then rush around like a maniac to get out the door on time. This means I have breakfast when I arrive at work, and this morning was an especially hasty effort! I had almonds, brazil nuts and a cup of tea, and then for morning tea break had a handful of grapes. I brought some of my homemade chicken and vegetable soup for lunch which I had with a bap. A bit of déjà vu when it came to dinner; more soup! It is tasty and healthy though, boring as it may be to have it twice in one day. With a slice of bread, because that's the law.

I have totally smashed my water intake today, I've managed about 4.6 litres so far! I find it much easier in work to keep on top of my hydration, as I bring my 600ml water bottle with me every day and refill it as often as I can. I managed to drink 7 bottles throughout the day plus I had a pint of water before work in the morning, and I'll probably have another pint before bed which will take me just over 5 lites, YES!

Tonight's workout featured two of my least favourite moves - front squats and ground to overhead! Ugh. We had to fine our 3 rep max. of front squats, mine was 45kg. It could have been better, but front squats definitely aren't my strong point. It can only go up from here! In other workout related news, my wrist straps are losing their velcro action, so now I need new ones!

That's all for Day 3. So far so good. The toughest part right now is resisting a biscuit with my evening cup of tea, to be honest!