Monday, 8 September 2014

Day 10: #120toThailand

I'm managing to climb back on to the bandwagon, slowly but surely!

I brought two egg muffins to work and had those with some salami, really easy breakfast that I'll be making more often! Ten o'clock tea break was my usual serving of nuts plus some grapes. Lunch was soup followed by sugar free jelly. Dinner this evening was more soup, some smoked applewood cheese on toast, and homemade coleslaw from my mum. Easy meals but satisfying.

I managed about 3.5 litres today but I feel like I could have managed more. Will see how I do tomorrow.

Back to the gym today, always a shock to the system after a weekend of rest. During the front squats the coach saw what I was lifting and shouted "Lauren, more weight!" which is both terrifying and encouraging at the same time; I need to have more faith in my squats, obviously! The workout was tough, especially doing deadlifts and burpees immediately after the running. However I was lifting heavier deadlifts than usual for the workout and I also feel that my knees to chests are improving, I am much more stable and less wobbly now. It's always good to notice even small changes.

I got my Passport application sent off! WOOHOO. Now let's please all cross our fingers and toes and hope it arrives in time!! I also had an appointment with the nurse to sort out what vaccinations I will need, so I have those ordered and booked in for October time. Can't wait,,,, *AHEM*

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