Monday, 1 September 2014

Day 3: #120toThailand

I was back to work today which always makes for a much more structured day, food and drink wise especially...

I am not a morning person, by which I mean that instead of getting up and getting ready and having a leisurely breakfast, I'd rather stay in my bed until the last possible second and then rush around like a maniac to get out the door on time. This means I have breakfast when I arrive at work, and this morning was an especially hasty effort! I had almonds, brazil nuts and a cup of tea, and then for morning tea break had a handful of grapes. I brought some of my homemade chicken and vegetable soup for lunch which I had with a bap. A bit of déjà vu when it came to dinner; more soup! It is tasty and healthy though, boring as it may be to have it twice in one day. With a slice of bread, because that's the law.

I have totally smashed my water intake today, I've managed about 4.6 litres so far! I find it much easier in work to keep on top of my hydration, as I bring my 600ml water bottle with me every day and refill it as often as I can. I managed to drink 7 bottles throughout the day plus I had a pint of water before work in the morning, and I'll probably have another pint before bed which will take me just over 5 lites, YES!

Tonight's workout featured two of my least favourite moves - front squats and ground to overhead! Ugh. We had to fine our 3 rep max. of front squats, mine was 45kg. It could have been better, but front squats definitely aren't my strong point. It can only go up from here! In other workout related news, my wrist straps are losing their velcro action, so now I need new ones!

That's all for Day 3. So far so good. The toughest part right now is resisting a biscuit with my evening cup of tea, to be honest!

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