Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Day 4: #120toThailand

Day 4 already, almost a week in to this "challenge"! Here's the deets:

Another quick desk breakfast this morning of almonds and Brazil nuts with a cuppa, followed by grapes at tea break. I had actually been surprisingly productive last night and, while preparing food for the slow cooker, cooked up some quinoa for today's lunch. I've not really liked quinoa when I've tried it previously but this time I made it using a vegetable stock cube which definitely improved the taste for me. I mixed in a packet of tuna with lime and black pepper dressing for an easy lunch. Next time I'll probably add some chopped veg as well to make it more like a salad. I also had some sugar free jelly which helps curb sweet cravings, and is only 9 calories per portion. Afternoon tea break was an apple and a small chocolate bun that a co-worker persuaded me with after showing me it was only 75 calories! Dinner tonight was slow cooker curry, with chicken and sweet potato, and a very small portion of rice for me! I might have some greek yoghurt with strawberries and honey to round off today if I feel peckish before bed. A good variety, I think!

I managed 3.5 litres by 5.30pm which was great going! I think the dressing on the tuna made me thirstier than usual today. I'll have passed 4 litres before bed; I always find it harder to keep drinking it once I get home for some reason.

I tidied myself up and took a photo for my new passport, that must count for something!

No workout today, rest day for me! Had a busy evening after work so I'm glad to be chilling out now!

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