Thursday, 4 September 2014

Day 6: #120toThailand

Almost a week in to my challenge! The headache that I got yesterday is STILL with me :( I don't know what could be causing it, maybe I don't get enough sleep. I am also very groggy and tired today which is usually caused by my hypothyroidism, but I've been doing well with this recently so not sure why the tiredness has returned.

Another breakfast of greek yoghurt with strawberries and honey. I had to admit though that the texture of the Fage 0% yoghurt is getting to me though, beginning to make me gag. It's so high in protein though! Tea break was just hot water and lemon as I forgot my nuts today. I had prepared a salad of mixed leaves, some yellow pepper, home grown tomatoes, quinoa and a sachet of tuna with lime and black pepper dressing. I then was in M&S at lunch and got some olives and cream cheese stuffed peppers to go with it. I had about half the olives and 3 peppers. It was a tasty and filling salad so will definitely have it again. For afternoon tea break I had a pear which wad a bit of a let down for an M&S pear! Dinner was shredded chicken breast with bbq sauce served with green beans and a baked sweet potato. I also had had moment of madness and ate a nougat bar... I DON'T EVEN LIKE NOUGAT. The madness ends now!!

I managed about 3.5 litres again, so all is good on the water front.
No workout on Thursday, and I was so tired that was probably for the best. Beginning to think my thyroid is playing up again, judging by how tired and groggy I've been feeling. I hope not though, I had thought my medication was finally at a good level for me!

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