Friday, 5 September 2014

Day 7: #120toThailand

One week in already! That means it's now only 113 days until our holiday... not really that long but it still feels like forever away!

I actually had time for breakfast at home this morning so I had porridge with some sweetener, semi-skimmed milk, frozen raspberries and peanut butter. Amazing. Tea break was nuts as usual, with black coffee. For lunch I had leftover BBQ chicken and green beans, with the leftover olives and stuffed peppers from yesterday, followed by some sugar free jelly. For afternoon tea break I had brought my usual granny smith apple but it was the most sour apple ever, I could barely manage half! Dinner this evening was something quick after the gym; stir fried courgette and yellow pepper with scrambled eggs (2 whole eggs & 1 white) and a slice of toast. The only 'treat' type things today were 2 liquorice allsorts and some marshmallow fluff as dessert!

This could have been better today but I think I managed about 3.5 litres.

Tonight's workout was more 3 rep max testing. We did push press and squats, two of my least favourite lifts! I managed a 3 rep max of 30kg push press (32.5kg 1rm) and - through a technical error on my part! - 61.25kg squat. I was really pleased with the squat as I really didn't think I'd get much above 50kg, woohoo! Gonna be sore all weekend now!!

Now time to chill out this weekend! I hope it's a good one for you too!

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