Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Life & Other Stuff

With blogging there is always times of writer's block and times when life gets in the way (cliché, I know!) however for me both of these reasons have been true. Inspiration doesn't rear its head often so when it struck again recently I thought I should make the most of it.

I still love my makeup and beauty products, however I have neither the time nor the money to try as much as I once did! I feel like this blog always did verge on a lifestyle blog too and that will probably be more of the direction it could go, should I continue to give it a go!

Plenty of things happened after I gave up on my 120 to Thailand series... funnily enough, I went to Thailand and had an amazing time! I would definitely recommend it and would love to go back, it's just all the travel that I dislike! I also got engaged at Christmas, started yet another new job and most recently decided to stop eating meat... I still hesitate to say that I'm a vegetarian just because as soon as I put a label on it people start questioning me and offering their advice and opinions on the matter and warning me how ill be anaemic in no time. (Ok great thanks for the warning... how about you give me such advice after you become a doctor or nutritionist!) Perhaps my choice to stop eating meat will be a blog post in the future!

Anyway, to anyone who happens to actually read this, THANK YOU, and hopefully you'll hear from me again soon!

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Life comes first.