About Me

Let's begin with the old cliché - there's not much to know...

I'm Lauren and I am 28 years old (it's beyond a joke, now).

I'm from a small town on the North Coast of Northern Ireland, and I attended university in Leicester for 3 years, and Oxford for 1 year. 

I'm a Law graduate, but I have ended up working as a PA, which I have to admit, is much more appealing than that law career I thought was a good idea!

I am also a Make Up Artist as of February 2012 and I absolutely love it!

I'm a blog reader, bargain lover, bookworm, shoe buyer (sadly my shoe-buying is hindered by the fact that my feet are huge) and generally a total klutz.

I originally attempted this blog simply because I love reading other peoples' blogs.  It gives you an insight in to their lives, plus so many tips and inspiration on fashion/make up/food... anything!  As I am a huge lover of spending all my hard earned cash immmediately clothes, make up and food, I thought I would see if I could share some things with the blogosphere.  I also love writing, so hopefully I can provide people with an interesting read, too.